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Exterior Structure FAQ in Florida

Can Brandon Sheds construct a building on site?
Are all of your buildings available for rent-to-own?
Can buildings be customized beyond the standard options that are offered?
What type of building foundation is required?
Can my building be placed at a specific height from the ground?
How can I reach someone at Brandon Sheds?
What is included in the installation?
What is the delivery charge?
Can a building be moved once it has been installed?
Will my building be anchored?
Will you remove any unwanted building from my property?
Will Brandon Sheds obtain the necessary permits for a specific locale?
How sturdy are the floors in Lark buildings?
How much side to side clearance does the installer need to move the building onto my property?
How much vertical clearance does the installer need to get the building onto my property?
Can a building be installed in an area where it is not possible for the truck and trailer combination to get close to the site?
Will the installer remove and replace obstacles such as step railings, fence posts, basketball goals, etc. to facilitate the placement of the building on a customer's property?
Can shingle roofs be ordered for Lark buildings?
Why is my 12' wide building only about 11'6" wall to wall?
What kinds of maintenance will be required on my building?
Do I need to have permits or other paperwork?